Family Photography – South London

I had a lovely afternoon photographing my old boss (a truly brilliant woman although I’m probably somewhat biased and base my opinion on the fact she increased my salary substantially after she came to work at the same place as me quite a few years ago.)  We worked together before either of us had any children and we hadn’t seen each other in quite some time until recently. It was lovely to meet her beautiful girls who were full of ideas and seemed to enjoy the whole process enormously – as did the extremely cute little doggy.  I enjoyed it too as we also had a tasty picnic and it was really great to catch up.


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All images ©Sarah-Jane Field

Wandsworth family photography

In the middle of the summer madness I popped over to Balham to capture this family in their London home before they left the UK for good having been here for some time.  I hope there is lots of help back home and I know the extended family will be ever so pleased to have this little charmer with them.


All images ©Sarah-Jane Field


Wandsworth Family Photographer

Just before the holidays started (seems ages ago now!) I popped round to photograph two adorable little boys and their mummy and daddy at their home in Wandsworth.  Both kiddies were very well behaved and let me snap away without too much complaint – thanks boys!


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All images © Sarah-Jane Field

Sarah & Robert’s Chelsea Wedding – London Photographer

I was flattered and really touched to be asked to photograph Sarah & Robert’s wedding.  And what a lovely wedding it was too – so much fun and very relaxed on one of the hottest days of the year.  I loved the early service followed by coffee, amazing pastries, Bloody Marys, champagne and lunch – what a great way to do it. The children were a huge part of everything, which I love to see, and they had a great time at the registry office and in a lovely Wandsworth garden where family and close friends got together for a wonderful day of eating, drinking and enjoyment.  Sarah looked beautiful as always and absolutely radiated joy and love all day. Big thanks to both Sarah & Robert for asking me to be their photographer and wishing the whole family all the best for a long and happy future!

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Publicity Shots for David Blair, Actor/Comedian/Writer – London Photographer

Yesterday David Blair took a brief break from writing and rehearsing furiously for his forthcoming Edinburgh Fringe show, “1 Man, 5 Hats”.  David can be seen from the 9th to the 17th August at the Clover, Underbelly.

As always David made me laugh a lot – it’s always a joy to work with him and he sits still without any bribery too!

These shots will be used for the publicity poster and flyers.



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