South London Photographer: Doing some research

I have been busy looking at photographs taken in pubs as I continue the project I recently started, documenting a local pub which is currently being refurbished.  Son No 1 has also been asking to visit Tate Modern since the beginning of the Easter holidays which we’ve not managed.  However, this morning I remembered that one of my student friends had mentioned the Alcohol & Art room at Tate Britain so I woke everyone up and announced we’d be heading there as it might be useful for my work.  I was greeted with a grunt from No 2 who claimed he can’t stand galleries, and a pre-teen telling me he already plans.  When did that happen?  Already has plans?  What? Without me? (He’s just stomped upstairs, I might add, as he has yet another strop this afternoon, which seems to have suddenly leapt out of nowhere… is the teen thing really about to happen? Already? Yikes!)

I was not to be deterred.  So off we trotted – without the big one who already had plans – and instead I was accompanied by the very small person who goes where ever I tell him anyway because what else can you do when you’re four years old, and the middle-sized one who was not looking forward to it at all.

But when we got there what should happen?  No 2 stood in front of a painting by George Cruikshank, called The Worship of Bacchus, for absolute ages and then told me all about Bacchus and Dionysus, and Zeus and Hera, all stuff I have no idea about, but which they’ve been learning at school.  He’s also a big fan of Percy Jackson which is based on the Greek Myths and so, as well as being a YouTuber when he grows up, he thinks he might want to be a scholar of Greek Mythology.  Not only that, I think he actually really enjoyed the modern art room where we got to see that famous bed, and which is where Son No 3 set off the alarm as he got just a wee bit too close to the detritus that lies around it.


We didn’t stay too long, because as really impressed as I was with my middle son’s interest, I suspected it might not have lasted if we’d hung around for ages.  But I love that he seemed to gain so much from my somewhat self-referencing visit and he actually taught me a few things I didn’t know too!

Hope you’re all enjoying your Easter breaks if you’re on them. x

Below are some images of the Grosvenor Arms pub in London which is currently being refurbished and which I’m photographing as it goes through its transformation. Not quite as many people there as you can see in Cruikshank’s The Worship of Bacchus right now, but soon!

All images (c)SJField 2016