South London Photographer: Achieving

On Friday evening I was lucky enough to open a collaborative exhibition with fellow photographers John Umney and Keith Greenough in Bethnal Green. The work was collectively titled Oxford House, Nexus and features work by all three of us. My series of images was also a collaboration within the overall project, as I worked with a super young woman called Honor.

Yesterday, as I narrated my story about how I had, several years ago, dreamed of having some work up on a gallery wall which at the time seemed rather like a pipe dream, the woman I was telling welled up. She said it was lovely to hear from someone achieving something. My work has been interpreted by another friend as being all about achievement, and since the venue, Oxford House is linked through its history to Keble College, Oxford University, and to uplifting the lives of the people it serves, I suspect she is on to something.

The venue is a valuable part of its community, and therefore of London. Sales from the exhibition will be added to funds earmarked for the refurbishment of this important historic site. I hope that if you find yourself in the vicinity you can spare some time to visit, and perhaps even make a purchase.

Should anyone be looking for something interesting and original to hang on their walls, here are the details you’ll need:

Please contact Keith Greenough by emailing or by mobile:


Mobile: 07917 542333

Please quote the name of the photograph as shown on the exhibition handout or send a mobile phone photograph of the print you would like.


Honor's Dance (c)SJField 2017-0097IMG_00972017
From Honor’s Dance with Oxford House part of the Oxford House, Nexus collaboration


Image (c)SJField 2017

South London Photographer: In Bethnal Green

The last few weeks have been exceptionally busy as I, along with fellow photographers, John Umney and Keith Greenough, prepare for an exhibition we have been working on called Oxford HouseNexus. I’ve included a short quote here from our joint artists’ statement and you can find out more on the Oxford House website, which also includes directions to the gallery.


1. A central or focal point.
2. A connection or series of connections linking two or more things.

Ever since Oxford House was founded in 1884 by Keble College, University of Oxford, it has been a nexus for the residents in and around Bethnal Green. Initially conceived to ”alleviate or remove the impact of poverty to the local community”, its history is rich and fascinating, and its connections with the surrounding area remain as significant as ever today.

We open on 10th November at 6.30pm with a short artists’ talk and a few glasses of something fizzy.   The event is also a fundraiser for Oxford House. Recently the building has been placed on the Buildings at Risk Register by Historic England due to the damage being caused by rainwater coming through a very old roof. All proceeds from sale of prints and donations at the exhibition will go the regeneration fund.

The show runs until 29th November, 2017. Do get in touch if you are interested in coming along at any point. Schools may find a trip to Oxford House and the exhibition particularly useful in terms of historical context, as well as artistically  – if any educators are interested in arranging a talk, we would be very happy to oblige.

John Umney
Keble House, (c) John Umney, 2017
Keith Greenough
Oxford House, (c) Keith Greenough, 2017 
Sarah-Jane Field
Honor’s Dance, (c) Sarah-Jane Field, 2017