South London Photographer: On a road​ trip through Europe

I had never driven to Italy, which I am fortunate enough to be able to visit regularly, but this time I thought I’d try it. And I’m glad to say, it wasn’t as remotely arduous as I thought it might be, although I could have lived without the sinusitis on the return leg. The only problem for me was, despite driving through some absolutely beautiful spots not to mention a couple of incredible sunsets, being the sole driver meant not taking photographs unless we’d stopped. And had I pulled over every time I wanted to snap something we’d never have arrived at our destination.  As we hurtled round a bend of a mountain or emerged from a tunnel at 70 miles an hour, faced with spectacular landscapes, I yelled at the boys, “take a picture, take a picture, it’s beautiful!!”

“Oh, Mum”, said my eldest with rather too much joyful irony, “you’ve got to learn to live in the moment…”

I was very pleased with most of their music choices, however, and from now on I suspect every time I hear Daft Punk I will be reminded of the amazing mountains and tunnels and skies of Switzerland which were absolutely stunning – their Euro-electronic sound was the perfect audio track for our drive. I particularly liked tracks 3, 4, 5 and 10 from Random Access Memories, especially the following spoken words by Giorgio Moroder. Thanks to my lovely boy for playing it me (over and over again!)

‘Once you free your mind about a concept of
Harmony and music being “correct”
You can do whatever you want’

I’m sure that sentiment can be applied to most creative endeavours – and I wonder if we need more of this thinking rather than the conformist tyranny which social media seems to encourage.

Here are a few images from our time away – none of them from our actual road trip, but check out my Instagram page for a selection taken on my phone mainly in various service stations along our route. Do get in touch to find more about family photo shoots and albums or visit

(c)SJFIeld 2018

Italy Easter 2018 (c)SJFIeld 2018-0380Italy Easter 2018 (c)SJFIeld 2018-0423Italy Easter 2018 (c)SJFIeld 2018-0627Italy Easter 2018 (c)SJFIeld 2018-0406Italy Easter 2018 (c)SJFIeld 2018-1041Italy Easter 2018 (c)SJFIeld 2018-0657Italy Easter 2018 (c)SJFIeld 2018-0501Italy Easter 2018 (c)SJFIeld 2018--2Italy Easter 2018 (c)SJFIeld 2018--3

And a few street photographs which were taken in Rome below:

Italy Easter 2018 (c)SJFIeld 2018-1297Italy Easter 2018 (c)SJFIeld 2018-1294Italy Easter 2018 (c)SJFIeld 2018-1282Italy Easter 2018 (c)SJFIeld 2018-1279

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