South London Photographer: Westminister

This won’t be a long blog. It won’t be because I’m a mum who, like many others, spends so much of my time rushing between childcare and work, trying to balance everything out, trying to be good enough at so much and often feeling in the end like I’m not good at any of it.

This morning I went along to a talk hosted by MP Dr. Rosena Allin-Khan at the Houses of Parliament. She was joined by her colleagues, Stella Creasy and Alison McGovern. They talked to us whilst sat beneath a painting of men; and while the picture showed a scene from the distant past, in 2018 these women MPs were compelled to discuss how we are still fighting for equal pay, recognition, still trying to bring our daughters up so they don’t feel threatened, and are able to speak up, to push, to make themselves heard.

I have three sons, one of whom seems to have fallen for a crazy and unbelievably strange narrative which lots of young boys are being peddled online – this trope comes from angry men who say the gender gap is a myth, or that women don’t really have it worse than men, that violence towards women isn’t really happening. The fact such a narrative gets any airtime at all is extraordinary but as Stella Creasy said, this is a backlash to the positive strides women and society as a whole have made. There is still a lot of work to do and young people, in particular, are at risk of being lied to, of having the wool pulled over their eyes in relation to sexism and misogyny. That is why we need International Women’s Day and talks like the one we had this morning.

Right, that’s it for me. I have a 6-year-old to attend to! He seems to be traipsing mud through the house and trying to slide down the stairs on a cardboard box as I try to get a little bit of work done.  Thanks to Just Shelter for taking me along and to the women MPs we heard from this morning.

All images (c)SJField 2018


International Women's Day 2018 HOP(c)SJFIeld 2018-IMG_0193-Edit2018
Vanessa Mieville & Nichole Beauchamp from Just Shelter
International Women's Day 2018 HOP(c)SJFIeld 2018-0167IMG_01672018
Dr. Rosena Allin-Khan alongside Stella Creasy and Alison McGovern talks about caring for human beings and working together to make changes
International Women's Day 2018 HOP(c)SJFIeld 2018-0136IMG_01362018
Stella Creasy wonders why women are still fighting to be heard in 2018
International Women's Day 2018 HOP(c)SJFIeld 2018-0140IMG_01402018
Dr. Rosen Allin-Khan discusses the refugee crisis in Myanmar
International Women's Day 2018 HOP(c)SJFIeld 2018-0158IMG_01582018
Don’t turn away, see the injustices and do something about them, says Alison McGovern
International Women's Day 2018 HOP(c)SJFIeld 2018-0089IMG_00892018
The palace is populated by the men who have governed us throughout our history. They are everywhere you look. This world was made by men for men.



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