South London Photographer:Feeling nervous

At the end of the week I will be sharing some Prosecco with a number of friends as well as strangers when I change over the images I have hanging in local cafe, Barmouth Kitchen, where I will be hosting a viewing of some new work, most of which was made last year.  The images will be for sale and then available to see in Barmouth Kitchen for a number of months afterwards.  Do come along and take a look at some point.

It feels a bit weird to be looking at the images I’m putting up there again whilst I am in the middle of working on new projects.  Looking at them reminds me of a different time and takes me back to some of the feelings I had surrounding what informed those pictures.  Not sure if that’s a good thing or not, or even a very useful thing.  But it’s interesting for sure.  And the whole process does tell me how things have changed and progressed in the interim.

My father would frequently say to me, “You’re a bundle of nerves!” when I was acting.  How I was ever an actor I have no idea – because yes, he’s right, I can certainly get quite jittery when feeling exposed in this way.  And I feel sick with nerves this morning although I can’t quite work out whether it’s the old work about to be exhibited or the new work that I’ve shown to some colleagues which is the main source of it all.  Both no doubt.  Or perhaps it’s just the thought of all the little things I need to do before Friday to be ready. Order Prosecco being one of them!

Whatever the cause, I am, nevertheless, looking forward to catching up with people on Friday and eager to see my work on display.  It is a great feeling to see your expressive efforts framed and up on walls, and watching and hearing people respond to it.  (Incidentally, talking about putting yourelf out there, if you’re in the Wandsworth area, do pass by the Grosvenor Arms, where I’m documenting some changes, and see the words and quotes that have been graffitied on the outer walls there.  I believe the messages will only be there for a short time but they are thought-provoking and worth looking at if you’re passing.)

That’s it for me this time – there are children to wake, dress and deposit at school before heading off to a brilliant small company based in Oxford called Glanville Picture Framing that makes great frames (find them at various markets in and around Oxford), and then getting on with the rest of what needs doing to be ready in time.  Poor kids this week – think I’m going to need to do a lot cycling over the next few days to work off this jangley energy. See some of you on Friday!

Image (c) SJField 2015

One of the images that will be available to see at Barmouth Kitchen from 15th April onwards.  Prices start at £80  – find out more by calling or emailing me, contact details here



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7 thoughts on “South London Photographer:Feeling nervous”

    1. I was in such a fluster when I arrived that I barely uttered an intelligible sound while I was there. I know of them because of you though – I liked the frames you had on your work at the hospital space and asked you where you had got them. So thank you very much for that 🙂

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