Editorial by Annalisa Ceolin

For anyone interested in the art of photography this is a wonderful resource put together by Annalisa Ceolin whom I am connected with on the photography sharing site Flickr. There is some amazing work here by famous names and not so famous names – well worth a look!



VISIONS is a new web magazine by ****contrasted galleryon flickr.VISIONS is periodic, thematic and multimedia. This Number 2 is a project curated by Annalisa Ceolin. VISIONS is an idea ofManuel Diumenjó.

                                                                                 THE PROJECT

For this Issue , I have chosen the theme “BEYOND PHOTOGRAPHY“, so were invited authors and authoresses whose research touches on the boundaries of photography.You will neither find expected, attractive, images nor formal homologated styles among them.Each author has a strong personnality, its own DNA, sometimes immediate to understand and sometimes complex and hermetic. There is a “common thread” that connects all photographs: introspection. The photographers express themselves, their identity and their inner life, through images that arouse emotions,but alsomisunderstandings, enigmas, complexity, ambiguity. A formal richness and of a not common content.

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Sarah Furniss

Family and corporate, portrait and event photographer working in London and surrounding area.

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