South London Photographer: Another birthday and a yearning for some kind of calm or at least less noise!

It’s birthday season in our house, which has meant another busy weekend for us. I’m currently surrounded by various noisy gadgets and a TV that is way too loud – what is it with children – why must everything be so very, very loud with them? So, not sure what this week’s blog will be like…

Seven years ago after four days and nights of lying around in hospital trying to convince Son No 2 to come out he finally emerged, after what I must say was a pretty traumatising few hours. He was most reluctant to leave the warmth and comfort of my uterus and even today if he’s able to the first thing he does when we get home is climb into his duvet like a burrowing fluffy rodent – and I mean into the duvet cover not under the actual duvet, a sort of replacement cotton amniotic sac. Do you think this behavior is a continuation of his reluctance to leave the womb in the first place? At the end of my maternal spell in hospital he was three weeks late all in all, which is pretty late indeed. Huge and very well cooked: as you might expect from a baby who wouldn’t come out into the world in a timely manner.

Today Son No 2 is ridiculously skinny and sweet and when I look at him my heart often melts, as I just want to protect him from all the knocks and bumps life can throw at a person. That’s not to say there aren’t times when he pushes me to the absolute limit of rage and fury but I think I’ve been giving him a bad press in my head for a while – I always thought he was really naughty but since Son No 3’s personality has started emerging so forcefully I am beginning to see Son No 2 was just being a typical child. Oh, my goodness, the youngest is a naughty one sometimes. Son No 2 is also incredibly clever but lacks any arrogance about it whatsoever, and I mean none. For his birthday he wanted nothing more than a few more characters for his computer game plus to be allowed to stay in pyjamas all day. Easily done – shame the smallest one had destroyed the disc for his game so in the end he couldn’t actually play with the new characters I bought him.   Son No 2 though was incredibly patient and understanding about it when I explained I’d need to send the broken disc back to the gaming company so they can send a replacement – although he did then crawl back into that giant cotton bag of his.

So after all that, it’s been a loud and frantically busy weekend and I have lots of college work to be getting on with plus a couple of portrait shoots coming up which I need to think about. My head feels horribly cluttered at the moment and I am wondering how to go about getting hold of some of that mindfulness stuff everyone keeps going on about nowadays.

In the absence of having a calm mind I thought I’d go for a calming treatment. I was very lucky to be given some vouchers for a massage for my birthday last week and I managed to escape this morning to be treated by Liva Mezjane at Neal’s Yard Therapies on Northcote Road in Battersea. It was bliss! I love massage and over the years I have had quite a few treatments. Some people are excellent technically and with others you sense a wonderful healing energy, like being enveloped in something incredibly warm and lovely (perhaps another metaphorical womb so beloved by Son No 2 and me it turns out). Liva had both of those qualities. I loved that she used pressure points in a way that reminded me of how a Shiatzu therapist would work, and combined that with traditional massage techniques. I could have had double the time easily!

So, now thanks to Liva, a good night out on Friday with friends who reminded me I was a good enough mother (I’ve been feeling anything but recently) I should be well prepared for a school trip tomorrow (yikes) and a photography shoot with a therapist as well as some further work for my studies this week. Sure I’ll need a glass of wine or two too – not sure how else to deal with the never ending loudness of three small boys! Thankfully there is a little break before the next busy birthday weekend.

Have a great week. SJx



Some photos of the lovely (currently being extraordinarily loud) Son No 2.

All photos (c)Sarah-Jane Field 2014


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