October begins

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A black kitten in time for Trick or Treating. Not mine but the lovely family who’s photos come at the end of this blog.

Halloween is my middle son’s favourite celebration although Christmas of course comes a very close – pretty much in tandem but not quite – second I think.  And the weather has finally turned a little chilly: sorry – I know there will be those of you that disagree, but I am pretty pleased about that.  Autumn, with or without Halloween is probably my favourite season of the year.  Lots of beautiful colours, which is always nice for photographs, of course.  Plus the sun sets much earlier so the light is lovely to work with before children become intolerable a little challenging.  Apart from all that though, it’s just lovely to start wearing woolly jumpers and boots.  I love it!

Talking of my middle son, yesterday we went to Ed’s American diner in honour of a project he is doing on America for school.  While we were there my oldest boy asked me about slow shutter speeds, a subject very close to my heart (I know I’m sad!)  I was thrilled to explain it all to him and he showed lots of interest saying, “Ah, so you’d need a fast shutter speed for sport in that case, wouldn’t you?”  I was so pleased I thought I’d tell him about aperture and ISO too.  “No, mum.  Now you’re just being boring.”

“Oh,” I said with a little disappointment that I was almost very good about hiding.

“Go on then.”

I then launched with enthusiasm into what I thought would be a marvelously, interesting chat, or perhaps monologue would be a better word, but I didn’t get very far.

“Oh, Mum!  Your face was so happy when you thought you could carry on taking about camera stuff.” At which point he changed the subject and slurped his milkshake.  I think it’s to do with being male.  Reminds me of a 10 year old Justin Post (yes, you Justin!)  saying to the 10 year old me, “I’ve heard you want to go out with me.”  “N,N,No,” I stammered trying not to crawl into the ground because I had a terrible crush on him and was SO embarrassed.  “That’s a shame,” he said, “I was going to ask you out.”  Then he and his horrible laughing mates walked off leaving me feeling mortified and crushed.  Thanks, Justin!

So, apart from all of that I have been taking photographs here and there and I thought I’d pop just a handful of portraits from earlier up here.  Was very relaxed taking photos of this family and I do love it when it goes that way.  Enjoy the start to Autumn – if indeed it has arrived.


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