Photography 40th Birthday Party Battersea Barge

What a brilliant place to have a party! Battersea Barge, moored on the south side of the Thames a moment from the iconic Battersea Power Station, was perfect for this 40th birthday party, especially when the rain had done the kind thing and departed just in time and the party goers were a bunch of grown-ups dressed in Lycra and coloured capes.  I’ve never seen so many excited men in tights.  One or two of the them couldn’t help but show off thier (pretend – I’m certain) man-boobs. The women looked fantastic – blue, crimson and violet hair, green faces, masks and faux leather up to their armpits… all of it, it turns out, looks great.  Banana Man or should I say Men and all their superhero friends arrived on the dock looking absolutely ready to have a fantastic evening and by the looks of things they did.  Not sure how many would have been up for saving Metropolis by the end of the night though!

untitled-3242untitled-3388untitled-3278untitled-9070untitled-3292untitled-9099untitled-9117untitled-9135untitled-3295untitled-3262untitled-9133untitled-3454untitled-3344untitled-9094untitled-3312untitled-3407untitled-3401untitled-3376untitled-3368untitled-3452untitled-3405untitled-3320untitled-3519untitled-9136untitled-3504untitled-3584untitled-3542untitled-3527untitled-3677untitled-3560untitled-3617untitled-3618untitled-3625untitled-3628untitled-3634untitled-3638untitled-3246-2untitled-3325All images ©Sarah-Jane Field

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Sarah Furniss

Family and corporate, portrait and event photographer working in London and surrounding area.

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