Colour & Weekly Catch Up

Notoriously difficult for digital sensors; deliberately underexposed in camera and lightened in post-editing to capture the texture and tones.  Shot using a reflector and household light.
Red: Notoriously difficult for digital sensors; deliberately underexposed in camera and lightened when editing to capture the texture and tones. Shot using a reflector and household light.

So, I am feeling a bit like Superwoman today.  I generally do on Wednesdays because it’s the busiest day of the week and even if I just manage to get through the regular activities in one piece, (which of course I generally do, thank goodness) I feel I’ve accomplished something.  The day started as ever with the school run, and today I thought I would follow that by devoting the morning to a much needed clean and tidy up at home.  I’d forgotten about the new toddler class I’d agreed to take my youngest to and was reminded by a friendly text from a fellow mummy.  So, off we cycled in a great hurry.

My son’s face is a picture when we’re there, the sheer joy is so wonderful to see.  Is it too much to take the zoom and SLR to capture it next week?  I suspect so but the look in his eyes it utterly magical.

Even though I stopped for coffee with some mums afterwards, I still managed to get home and do most (well nearly most) of the planned tidy-up which was pretty good going really, but after that I baked a cake and looked at Part 3 of my course too. I’m starting on colour now, the theory of which is rather daunting so I keep needing to read over it again and again.  Talking of colour, how fortuitous for me that the BBC 4 series, A History of Art in 3 Colours, is currently being shown just as I begin to tackle colour for my studies…how unfortunate I missed episode 1 and it’s not on iPlayer!  Why?? Nevertheless, the episode about blue was fascinating the other night. But back to my busy day – I felt like I was on fire.  A cake to boot!!!

As always on a Wednesday all three boys and I go swimming at the local gym after school.  While the older ones have their lessons I watch the toddler run and jump in the pool over and over again.  It’s remarkable how confident he is – but that’s what comes from having older siblings and being made to go swimming most weeks since he was born.  He wears arm bands but perhaps not for long!

Today though, I kept wondering about under water photography for the assignment I will have to do for Colour.  How would some orange floaty material work with the deep blue of the pool water? Can I get underwater casing for my camera?  Does it really protect the camera? Is this something I need to think about more?

You’d think all of that was enough for one day.  I certainly do, but Wednesdays keep me on my mummy’s toes.  An hour for supper, then we must get the oldest to another activity.  Bath time for the little ones when we get back, bedtime and then some work for me.

Tonight I have put together a blog for my recent foray into wedding photography (currently awaiting permission from a couple of parents prior to publishing) and now this blog.  Do I dare write up something for college about photographer, Chris Killop?  Not sure it would make much sense by the time I got round to it.

I’m glad all my days are not as busy as Wednesdays, I have to say, I couldn’t sustain the Supermum feeling for very long and would undoubtedly go a bit doolally.  But I do love that our lives are so full.  I know plenty of parents who have one or two days like this each week – and they agree, it’s worth it.

Right! publish; bed.  Tomorrow is quieter I think… we’ll see x

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