Trying to get to grips with all this self promotion stuff…


Today I am photographing some children for a surprise gift.  I won’t be able to post the images here for a while because even though the likelihood of the recipient stumbling across this blog is probably rather slim – you just never know!


However, I have been thinking a lot about all this online self-promotion stuff, Twitter, blogs, Facebook and the like and I think I’ve really got to start getting to grips with it a bit more.  A fellow art student recently commented that it was very time consuming and I guess it is but it seems an integral part of any photography venture if you want to get your work out there for any reason, so rather than see it as a distraction I think it helps to view it as crucial.  So with that in mind I am going to aim to post a bit more often and also go for a rounded approach – i.e. not just posting examples of work but also personal photos, thoughts about my learning process and decisions and updates on the my development.


Last night I felt compelled to sign up for the advanced wedding module with The Photography Institute.  I have one, possibly 2 weddings coming up – something I never really thought I’d end up doing at all to be honest.  But it seems like one of the hardest type of photography to get right so I felt the additional cost and work would be justified.  I did the main course with the institute last year before signing up with The Open College of the Arts in January to study The Art of Photography.  I can’t guarantee all this studying will make me a better photographer, although I sincerely hope it does (and think it has already done so!) but it certainly demonstrates a level of commitment on my part to be as good as I possibly can.


The photo at the top here is of my youngest son.  Again, I’ve decided to leave his face as it was rather than wipe away the dirt in Photoshop.  For me this will be a genuine memory of how he was when I look back in years to come. I love the lighting and mood in this photo – it really captures his soft and tender side.

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Sarah Furniss

Family and corporate, portrait and event photographer working in London and surrounding area.

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