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I was quite worried the other day when I was asked to do some photographs at midday as the family needed the photos in a rush and that was the only time they could all get together in time.  The forecast predicted the hottest day of the year so far in the UK and so I was rather grateful for the hazy overcast clouds which stayed until we’d finished!  Without this cloud cover the strong shadows would have caused all sorts of issues and we’d have had far less choices available to us.  So that was good!  Nevertheless I realised that I will do my best in future to convince clients that early mornings and late afternoons or early evenings are the best time for lovely light.  Not sure how appealing this is for families.  As a mother myself  the thought of getting my brood together first thing would be rather daunting and who can guarantee a pleasant mood at the end of the day from any of us?  However, I know how much difference good light can make to these sorts of photographs.  I wonder how insistent other photographers are when choosing a time with clients.  Would love to hear about it.  In any event, the family are very happy with their photographs and I hope the gifts they are planning will go down well – that I guess is the most important thing!

I should probably add that using a lighting set up with large reflectors is probably the obvious answer  but I am convinced that this ends up making the whole process more daunting and less relaxing for people who aren’t used to and may not like having their photographs taken.


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Family and corporate, portrait and event photographer working in London and surrounding area.

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